Best 3 Methods-How To Make Shaved Ice At Home Without a Machine

The ice cream makers have gone out of style. Shaved ice has been a part of most Asian banquets for hundreds of years and it is delicious. Recently, however, people have been looking for a different sort of shaved ice to keep them entertained, and making it at home is a great way to do this.

However, it can be difficult to make small batches in the traditional manner, and the steps outlined are not always easy to remember. We’ll walk through the process of shaving ice as we go along. Today We try to know How to make shaved ice at home without a machine.

These days, shaved ice is everywhere. Along with my other blog posts that give you helpful tips and tricks, my favorite way to enjoy this ice formation is to simply put a freshly made shaved ice bowl on the stovetop and slide it into a freezer.

How To Make Shaved Ice At Home Without a Machine

On those rare occasions when I want to enjoy my freshly made shaved ice, you might find it hard to believe that a homemade shaved ice bowl can do the job like a machine but I’m here to tell you that it can!

From the convenience of using a machine to the fun and delicious taste – nothing beats the flavor of homemade shaved ice.

Before writing the article, I did a lot of research online on how to make shaved ice at home without a machine During my research, I examined many methods of making it, but none of them were the most effective.

So I tried to how to make shaved ice at home without a machine my own things that I liked. And I did it all. However, it seems that some methods will still produce poor quality shaved ice even when I do all of that. And there are some methods that can make you really tasty and neat shaved ice. These methods will be presented to you today through this article.

Of all the methods I had, three seemed to be the best and most effective. I will tell you those three methods today how to make shaved ice at home without a machine.

Best 3 Methods How To Make Shaved Ice At Home Without a Machine

Method 1: Milk and Crone syrup make A testy Ice block

What You’ll Need:

  • Milk
  • Crone syrup
  • Plastic Box
  • Box Grater

Let’s Do it: The first question here may be why do we mix Crone syrup in milk? Crone syrup contains glucose which helps to keep milk stable after mixing with milk and increases its taste.

Mix milk and Crone syrup together then put it in a plastic box and keep it in the fridge. Until turns to hard ice. At least 6 hours.

Here I have the amount of milk and Crone syrup being 1000 (mg) and Crone syrup 100 (mg).

When you take it out of the fridge you will see that it has turned into a beautiful ice-block.

If you have trouble removing the ice block from the plastic box, pour a little hot water over it and the ice block will come out easily.

Then take a transparent plastic bag and put it in the ice-block and keep some parts out. Hold tightly with a towel on the other side of the polythene and easily cut the ice-block with a box grater to make delicious and neat shaved ice.

This is the process how to make delicious and neat shaved ice without any machine.

Cons: This process is easy but you need to invest some money for milk and Crone syrup.

Milk and Crone syrup make A testy Ice block

Method 2: Slicing and Crushing

What You’ll Need:

Lets Do It: The first step is to prepare a block of ice by filling an ice tray or container with water and freezing it.

Remove the ice from the freezer after several hours and let it thaw for about 6 to 10 minutes. Ice can be scraped easier if this step is taken.

Prepare the gloves, the cloth, and the knife as you wait for the ice to thaw. You should sharpen the blade of the knife if it is dull before using it to scrape ice.

It is then necessary to cover the thawed ice with an absorbent cloth to prevent it from sliding. Ice burns can be prevented by wearing gloves while handling it.

Slice the ice in quick, repeated motions after it has been placed. Because the ice can slide easily, just be more cautious.

If you wish to scrape a large amount of ice, place it in a large bowl and add the syrup and toppings.

Cons: There are some cons, such as not recommending this method to kids and non-professionals handling sharp knives, especially since the ice can slip and cause injuries. Slicing ice with precision can also be quite daunting, unlike pounding ice. You can try the golden ice if you’d like! Be extra careful and wear gloves.

Method 3: Shave It Manually With An Ice Shaver

Now everyone is dependent on the machine. Machines are used for most tasks. Machines are mostly used to make shaved ice. Restaurants, Party Shop. Everywhere you look , you see shaved ice machines. This does not mean that manual ice shaver is not good. It is very effective and our favorite. With it you can make shaved ice very quickly from the above methods. It’s not very expensive, you can easily get it on Amazon.

What You’ll Need:

  • A manual ice shaver (we have and love this one)
  • A large ice mold
  • A clean cloth
  • A hand glove (optional)
  • Water

Lets Do it: Like the others, first you have to make blocks today, but this time you have to make more and bigger. This makes it easier to make ice shaved manually with an ice shaver.

Once the ice block is formed, take it out of the fridge and keep it outside for 5 to 10 minutes.

The ice block should then be placed in a safe place so that it cannot move. Or put a block of ice on the towel. Again, use a hand glove when handling ice.

As you hold the ice block, place the ice shaver on top.

By scraping the shaver on the ice, push the device away from you. The process must be repeated until all of the containers of the ice shaver are full. You can return to the compartment and continue cutting the ice in the same way if you need more shaved ice.

Lastly, add the desired ingredients to a bowl of ice.

Cons: It’s need to some practices to do for good shaved ice.

Last Word

Through all of the above processes you can make delicious and neat shaved ice. Machines have become very expensive now. And during this time of coronation, everyone’s economic situation is bad so it is better not to use the machine to do it.

Sometimes the fun of making your own food is a little different. So it would be advisable to try to work on your own without using machines at these small parties with the kids. Enjoy your snow cone or shave Ice syrup.

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