Top 5 Best Sugar-Free Syrup For Keto Your Ketogenic Diet

It is very important to have a healthy diet if you want to be fit and healthy. You need to learn how to choose the food that is best for your body. If you want to know more about the ketogenic diet and keto diet foods then please continue reading.

Sugar-free syrup is an important ingredient for ketogenic dieters that don’t want to give up their favorite beverages. Having too many carbs can make it difficult to maintain healthy fat, protein and carbohydrate ratios. Here is how to choose the best sugar-free syrup for keto and the different types that are available.

How to choose the best sugar-free syrup for keto?

There are two syrups that we recommend: Swerve and Sukrin. A little bit of sweetener is usually ok on keto, but the important thing is to stay away from sugar derived sweeteners.

They will bring your blood sugar up, and you want to keep your blood sugar low (you should still avoid fruit juice which will raise your blood sugar). There are about 4 grams of sugar alcohol in a tablespoon of these 2 sweeteners. Swerve has a slightly higher number of calories than Sukrin, but claims that they do not impact blood sugar. Both are about as sweet as sugar.

Sugar free syrups for coffee seen as healthy replacements for sugar are actually loaded with sugar alcohols . Sugar alcohols are carbohydrates and they will spike your blood sugar levels and can cause stomach problems.

This makes keto syrups a bad choice for people on a ketogenic diet. It is much more important to use a sugar free syrup that is low in carbohydrates, rather than one that is lower in sugar.  

As you know, there are several ways to consume sugar. But we’re not going to tell you that sugar is the only reason for poor health.

There are many other reasons that can lower your health, including genetics. In fact, it’s not just sugar, but the source of the sugar that can make a difference. Today, there are many sugar substitutes that can be used, but do you know the best one for a ketogenic diet?

Top 5 Best Sugar-Free Syrup For Keto Your Ketogenic Diet

Learn why it’s best to use Sugar Free syrups?

We recharge whole online and talk to many doctors Which one Is best substitutes for Keto. We found popular substitutes that’s best for keto.

  1. Stevia: Stevia is a derivative of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It’s a natural sweetener— meaning it’s made from an all-natural ingredient.
  2. Sucralose: Sucralose is a man-made substance that only contains tiny quantities of sugar synthesized by special bacteria. Sucralose itself does not provide carbohydrates, so you can count on Splenda for a zero-carb diet. Each little Splenda packet contains about 1 gram of maltodextrin and dextrose which are really tiny carbohydrates that add up to only 3 calories and 1 gram of carbs per packet. If you’ve ever used other artificial sweeteners before, you could probably tell they tasted kind of gross in comparison!
  3. Erythritol: Natural compounds which mimic the taste of sugar, sweet taste receptors on your tongue to stimulate a class – Erythritol is a type of sugar alcohol. It is up to 80% of the regular sugar is sweet, yet only 5% of calories per gram, there are only 0.2 Calories. In addition, although Erythritol per teaspoon (4 grams) has 4 grams Calories, studies have shown that it can help to reduce blood sugar levels in your body.
  4. Xylitol: Xylitol is another type of sugar alcohol supplement that is often found in products such as chickens, caramels and mentions. The sweet taste of sugar is matched by 4 grams of carbs per teaspoon and just 3 calories per gram (6 percent). But because xylitol does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels to the same degree as sugar, its carbs do not count as net carbs.
  5. Monk Fruit Sweetener: It is made from a Southern Chinese plant called a monk fruit, a natural sweetener. The sweet taste of the fruit is mainly due to mogrosides, antioxidant compounds found in the fruit. Sugar can be 100–250 times sweeter than monk fruit sweetener depending on the concentration of mogrosides. There are no calories or carbs in monk fruit extract, making it an ideal supplement for a ketogenic diet.

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Sugar-free syrup is one of the basic ingredients in creating a keto-friendly dessert. It is a necessity in several recipes. There are various brands of sugar free syrups on the market. This blog lists down the top 5 best sugar-free syrup for keto that are ideal for your ketogenic diet and are also delicious to eat.

Top 5 Best Sugar-Free Syrup For Keto

1. Lakanto Sugar Free Maple Syrup – Monkfruit Sweetener, Keto Diet Friendly– Best Sugar-Free Syrup For Keto

Lakanto Sugar Free Maple Syrup - Monkfruit Sweetener, Keto Diet Friendly- Best Sugar-Free Syrup For Keto

I love this sweetener and I am doing the Keto diet and I love the taste of this in my coffee. I have tried so many sweeteners and this is by far the best. This is also good to use if you have Candida issues.

I’ve been on the keto diet for a month and have been craving pancakes but didn’t want to blow my diet. I decided to give Lakanto’s sugar-free maple syrup a try and it was DELICIOUS. It tastes just like the real thing and is the perfect topping for my pancakes and waffles. I love that it has no sugar and no carbs and it will definitely help me stay on my diet.

A healthy way to sweeten your favorite meals, Lakanto’s Monk Fruit Sweetener brings you a great tasting product that won’t spike your blood sugar levels. Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup is made with the highest quality ingredients and is free of any synthetic sweeteners or chemicals.

You will love the natural, healthy taste and texture. Enjoy the delicious, natural flavor of Lakanto’s Monk Fruit Sweetener in your coffee or tea, or used as an alternative to sugar in your cooking. Great for those following a ketogenic diet, or anyone with a need for a low carb sweetener.

2. Organic Maple Syrup Alternative by Pyure | Sugar-Free, Keto, Low Carb | 14 Fluid Ounce

Organic Maple Syrup Alternative by Pyure | Sugar-Free, Keto, Low Carb | 14 Fluid Ounce

Pyure Organic Maple Syrup Alternative is made from organic stevia and organic erythritol, so it’s lower in calories than sugar sweetened syrup.

You’ll find no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners in this delicious, healthy, sugar-free breakfast syrup. Each serving provides the same flavor and consistency as real maple syrup, but with far fewer calories and carbohydrates. It’s a delicious, all-natural alternative in your kitchen.

Natural Maple Syrup Alternative with 0 Sugar- Pyure offers the same full flavor and consistency as real maple syrup with far fewer calories and carbohydrates.

3. Wholesome Yum Keto Maple Syrup – Sugar Free Pancake Syrup With Monk Fruit & Allulose

Wholesome Yum Keto Maple Syrup - Sugar Free Pancake Syrup With Monk Fruit & Allulose

“Wholesome Yum sugar free maple syrup is the only keto maple syrup you’ll ever need! I’ve tried so many syrups and so many brands, and this is the one I keep coming back to. I’m telling you, you will not find a tastier, more natural, better value for your money, sugar free pancake syrup anywhere!

I love it, my kids love it, and my parents love it. I love that it’s sugar free and that it’s keto-friendly, so mama doesn’t have to feel guilty about letting our kids indulge in pancakes every once in awhile. It tastes just like the real stuff, and it smells amazing!

I even use it to make low carb Texas sheet cake, and it tastes amazing in that. Sure, it’s called maple syrup, but I’m telling you, you can make a mean raspberry vinaigrette with it, and it’s superb in salad dressings. It’s also great in smoothies!

You can even replace sugar with it when baking. Just check out the reviews, everyone loves this stuff! I don’t normally write reviews, but I had to chime in. This is the most natural, most delicious, best value for your money, low carb and keto-friendly, sugar free pancake syrup you will find anywhere! Buy it, try it, you’ll be back for more. I know I am!”

My Personal Opinion. I use This Personally

It’s hard finding a keto friendly syrup and this one actually tastes like the real thing. I use it to flavor my coffee and in my keto pancakes. It’s great!

I love this stuff! It’s so good on my pancakes, in my coffee, and even in a salad dressing. It’s a great substitute for maple syrup without the added sugar. I love it that it’s sugar free and keto friendly.

It’s also gluten free and vegan! It tastes just like maple syrup and has a wonderful smell to it. I love that it’s a versatile syrup that I can use in a variety of different ways. I also love that it’s naturally sweetened. I feel like this is a great product and will continue to purchase it.

4. Lakanto Simple Flavoring Syrup – Sugar Free, Monkfruit Sweetener

Lakanto Simple Flavoring Syrup - Sugar Free, Monkfruit Sweetener

Lakanto is a gourmet Monk Fruit sweetener that is made from the best non-GMO ingredients and is perfect for all sugar-free, keto, diabetic, candida, paleo, vegan and low-carb diets.

It’s the healthiest and most delicious sweetener for all your coffee, tea, cocktails, sodas and more. Lakanto is great for keto-friendly recipes and can be used as a replacement for sugar and artificial sweeteners. Lakanto Monk Fruit is a zero calorie sweetener that contains zero glycemic impact.

It is a natural sweetener with zero calories, zero net carbs, zero glycemic impact, and zero insulin spike.

5. Livlo Sugar Free Keto Maple Syrup –  Low Carb & Keto Friendly Pancake Syrup

5. Livlo Sugar Free Keto Maple Syrup -  Low Carb & Keto Friendly Pancake Syrup

I am on a keto diet and I got this as a gift. I was happy to see there were only 10 calories per serving and there was no sugar alcohols, so I could eat it without the guilt.

It tastes just like the real thing! I have used it on my pancakes and my family hasn’t even said anything about it, they just think it’s real maple syrup.

The best part about this syrup is that it is sugar free and allulose. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the sugar free options out there are just that, sugar free… not low carb. (Luckily, the sugar free versions are also significantly lower in calories and carbs than the real thing).

But not Livlo and not this syrup. It tastes just like the real thing. In fact, I couldn’t tell the difference between this and the real thing when I made my morning pancakes this morning. The texture is exactly the same as well. I’ll be buying a lot more of this from now on.

What is the best sugar-free syrup for keto?

Nowadays, sugar free syrups are available in the market but I prefer the Monin Sugar Free Syrup. It is organic. It is sweetened with stevia and erythritol. It is made in USA. It has great flavor. This brand is available in almost all grocery stores.
We can highly recommend for you _ _ _, which is a best sugar-free syrup for keto. It is a great combination of different natural sweeteners, so it will help you cook and bake delicious and healthy desserts. Just google, “keto cookbook”, and you will find hundreds of keto recipes!

Is sugar free syrup good for keto?

Of course, sugar-free maple syrup is good for keto diet. Sugar free syrup is not sweetened with sugar, it is sweetened with chemicals, which is not good for human health. The main ingredients are propylene glycol, hydrogenated vegetable oil and food coloring. It is suggested to use real maple syrup and mix it with a small amount of stevia.
Some time It depends. Some of the sugar free syrups are made with Splenda, which is not keto-friendly. Some contain actual sugar alcohols like maltitol. These are better options than Splenda, but not as good as carb-free sweeteners like stevia or erythritol.

Last Word

In order to lose weight, you must focus on cutting calories. The purpose of Splenda is to sweeten your food without the calories. Splenda is a great option because it’s made from sugar but it contains no calories. While Splenda contains maltodextrin and dextrose, it is not the same as sugar because it is not metabolized. It passes through your body and does not provide any calories. If you want to avoid sugar and the calories it contains, try using Splenda today.

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